Balance Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises for Women

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Woman runningThere is a strong tendency to shudder or try to ignore the words aerobic and anaerobic on a list of exercises for a workout you are going to tackle. Its often felt to be the most unpleasant and time consuming part of a workout. But I’m going to tell you it can be the most rewarding and important part of exercise and your long term ability to keep exercising. Its important for a weekly fitness routine to have both exercise types. They both provide great ways to get blood flowing, burn calories and keep your body on its toes when it comes to pushing itself.

Aerobic Exercise is a great way to warm up – its probably the most natural and common movement to do in order to warm up your body and lubricate your joints before stretching. Heart and cardio vascular health is directly tied to aerobic workouts. Aerobic exercise is great for a change in scenery as running or biking can cover a decent distance take you through a variety of surroundings and scenery. Its this reason that workouts can be the most refreshing mentally and believe it or not, dreaded by some and addicted to by others.

By maintaining your heart rate at a moderate rate for a period of typically 15 minutes and more, aerobic exercise is a great way to burn fat and a sustained and consistent way to burn calories. Most often when trying to lose weight, aerobic exercise is on the list of to-do’s for a calorie deficit day.

Anaerobic exercise is a higher intensity and often shorter duration exercise that can be very important in keeping your body ‘on its toes‘ so it doesn’t adapt too quickly to exercise routines. Anaerobic workouts are good for super sets and boot camps often use this exercise for this very reason.

They are also one of the biggest causes of exercise burnout and workout regime lapses. Too much anaerobic exercise, too frequently can be too much for the body, not allowing it time to recover, causing overall long term fatigue, pain and an overall feeling of discomfort – which is not fun. Its important for these exercises to be spaced out correctly and also varied so you find the challenges new and refreshing, rather than the same painful intense activity.

A healthy balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercises is important for your workouts in a week. Good news is they are both great for sharing with friends or fitness pals. Enjoy, embrace, don’t avoid or procrastinate on aerobic and anaerobic opportunities. Find the ones that you enjoy that you can pursue long term and be patient in giving yourself the chance to enjoy them.

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