Belly Workouts Can Give More than Superficial Benefits

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Women Doing Belly Workout Plank Exercise with Perfect formThe results of working out your mid section can feel somewhat elusive, but it is an area you can conquer. Maybe the motivation for working out your stomach should be more than just superficial visual satisfaction. The bigger picture for stomach workouts can be a lot more important than that six pack, but can build benefits of core strength that can reduce back pain that plagues people as early as late 20′s and into their sunset years.

We aren’t going to pretend that no one cares about how their stomach looks, and its ok for that to be one of the goals when working out your abs. We are just looking for all the inspiration and rationale we can as fuel to tackle this area that plagues so many. If you know anyone who has had back pain then you know how debilitating and overwhelming it can be. Just know that your belly fitness can actually be crucial in whether or not you can stay active long term.

Working Out Abdominal Stabilizer Muscles can be Sexy

By working out your side abs (obliques) which is often missed or forgotten when women target just the front (six pack area) of their abs, you provide a more attractive shape for the abdominal area as its more balanced. The obliques can be targeted by doing the side plank (above image).  Holding and focusing on technique, keeping your body line straight will make sure you get the visual and structural results we are aiming for.

Technique Trumps Volume in Belly Workouts

The tendency and understanding is that to work your abs you need to do massive volumes of repetitions. This is false. The technique and how you work out the abdominal muscles is the key to ensuring that you have strong, sexy abs. If the abs are worked our wrong, with poor form, you not only take the risk of injuring yourself, but the muscles don’t get built properly and can show imbalance which does not provide a sexy and attractive mid section.

Working out the Back Can Build Your Abs

Its intuitive to really target your front section in order to get that six back. But some of the best ab exercises actually involve building your back.  Isotonic plank exercises that actually put a lot of focus on working your back also work your abs. Try it, try a front plank, but put the focus on keeping your back firm, then notice that your belly is actually doing a lot of the work. These are some great ways to mix up the abdominal workouts and add variance.

Remember the belly is best served by treating the race as a marathon and not as a sprint, be patient do it right and work out your abs smart and with planning.

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