Building Margin into Your Life

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A lot of people are on overload and on their way to a crash. We sleep less and work way more than ever before. This stretched to the limit approach is more common than not.

Overload comes when we have too much activity in our lives, too much change, too many choices, too much media exposure.

The unfortunate part is exercise often gets “lumped in” with the things we are obligated to do like renewing insurance or filling our car up with gas. It becomes part of the undesirable tasks and seen as a necessary evil.

Author and medical doctor Richard Swenson says, “The conditions of modern day living devour margin. If you’re homeless, we direct you to a shelter. If you’re penniless, we offer you food stamps. If you’re breathless, we connect you to oxygen.”

We need to build margin into our lives, this is the space we make for us to not be in a hurry. This gives you time to let your mind relax, to think. We need to purposefully place exercise in this category of margin. We need to categorize working out in our minds as a place that holds value, replenishment.

I think its a relatively easy thing to do. Its a choice that we make. Exercise = margin. Yes, love it. How can you flip this switch in your mind?

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