Healthy Choices- Taking Risks

Friday, August 3, 2012

I enjoy a little risk but then again I love change. I know it sounds crazy but I do. Anything from date nights to meals to exercise, I love to mix things up. My poor husband who has an allergy to change, has a really tough time with moving furniture in the girls’ rooms. Thank goodness the girls’ have him “wrapped” and when they give them those puppy dog eyes he lets them keep their rooms in their new ridiculous arrangements. Brings tears to my eyes too.

Yesterday was a big day for me. I made a huge change to my looks- don’t get too excited, I didn’t get new boobs or anything like that. I got my hair cut. For me it was a big change and a bit of a risk because not only did I get my haircut but I went to a new hairdresser,(thanks to a gift certificate), and because I seriously chopped my hair from bra length to above my ears. Here I am before the cut. Yes I look happy but I am ready for a new look. Was I scared? I am not going to lie…slightly petrified but exhilarated at the same time.

I got to the salon and Rachel was there raring to go. I showed her what I wanted and  she was very helpful in preventing me from getting a “Mom” cut and opting for the more trendy funky cut. To begin with,  I think she was a little apprehensive since she didn’t know me or my hair at all and here I was telling her to chop away, but she just went for it! Since I had so much hair we thought it would be good to donate the extra to cancer. Yeah me! I was so glad that I actually had long enough hair for this.

With the big cut done, Rachel went to work and did an amazing job. I love my new do and I feel so energized from taking a risk.

I suppose the haircut could have gone drastically wrong and I could look like some “thing” from a horror movie, but it didn’t.
The truth is, taking a risk to try new things will always develop our character a little further than it was just one day previous. Many of us do not like change. That’s okay, but I would still challenge you to take small fun risks and see where they take you, how they change you and if it was worth it or not. Not everything will work out perfectly every time, but heh.. one day, you will get the best haircut of your life!

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