Unsure About Leg Thigh Exercises?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It’s can be a tough sell. Your thighs and the fear of working them out.  Will they get ‘too big’ and muscular. Everyone responds differently, but chances are the working of a muscle as large as your thigh will burn a lot of calories and therefore help with exactly what you are after.

When properly executed, leg thigh exercises can become a quick, efficient way to work a large muscle group, burn a large amount of calories, and keep those legs trim and strong. Remember though to avoid imbalance and equally work the ham string.  Knee and back problems can result of you work one more than the other.  One thing is for sure, you had better learn to like that burn.

There are a couple ways to mitigate the long painful thigh burn that can make this such an unfriendly exercise:

  • Shorten the exercise, make it several reps, rather than one long or large-weight bearing move. This adds some variety, and gets around the burn out factor this exercise can introduce.
  • Keep it simple and do it right – we will show you with 1 great and under rated exercise below.

The lunge 

  1. Start with legs together and good posture.

    Lunge Starting position

  2.  Lift the left leg and step backward. At the same time, bend the right knee directly over the ankle and finish in a lunge position.
    Lunge Position 2 Thighs Burning
  3. As you return to the standing position allow your left leg to stop just before returning to stand and bend the lower leg back towards the buttocks .
    Lunge third position, leg lift toward buttocks

Its not hard, its simple and it allows you a safe and sure way to target your upper legs.


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