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All About the Legs- March 2012
Length: 10 minutes

  • A leg workout that focuses on quads and outer thighs. Be the speed skater you always wished you could be

    You Will Need: weights-8-10 pounds (milk jugs or a back pack filled with books), a timer, an open space,

  • Exercise Duration Steps Body Part(s) Pictures
  • Warm-Up (1.5 minutes)
  • Basic Step- Knee lift- 30sec. 30 seconds
    • Start with your feet together on the floor in front of your stairs. Step up one stair with the left foot
    • Thrust the right knee up towards your chest, then step back onto the floor with the right foot.
    • Step right down to the floor then left.Now repeat by stepping first with the right foot.
    • Back Legs
    • Buttocks
    • Front Legs
    Image Image Image
  • 10x Gentle Body Twist 30 seconds
    • Start standing with your arms by your side and feet together.
    • Alternate twisting the body gently from left to right
    • Abs
    • Back
    Image Image
  • 15x Jumping jacks 30 seconds
    • Start with the legs together. Arms by your sides.
    • Jump the legs apart and lift the arms up to the side.
    • Jump the legs together and bring the arms down. Open and close is one rep. Do 15 then walk out the rest of the 30 sec.
    • Back Legs
    • Buttocks
    • Front Legs
    Image Image Image
  • 1 foot hops side to side 1 minute
    • Stand on one foot and place the hands on the hips
    • Now jump from side to side on one foot .
    • Tip: Keep the jumps small and quick.
    • Calves
    Image Image
  • Speed Skaters 2 1 minute
    • Begin by standing with your feet together.
    • Now jump as far and as high as you can to the right.
    • As soon as you land place the left leg behind the right ankle and do not allow the foot to touch the ground. Repeat going to the left. Back and forth is one rep
    • Tip: Use your arms in a skating motion to help with balance.
    • Back Legs
    • Buttocks
    • Side Legs
    Image Image Image

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